Terms and Conditions

s1 Scope and Parties

(1)     These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between POCCO MOTIF (the “ seller” ) and the customer (the ” customer “).

(2)     These General Terms and Conditions apply to orders placed via the online store available at https://poccomotif.com (the ” website“).

(3)     When placing an order via the Website ,the customer can access the Terms and Conditions via the links provided in the online store and save them on there device and/or print them out.

(4)     POCCO MOTIF provides  customer care on the online store on the seller’s behalf (“ customer care “).If a customer has any questions, requests or complaints in relation to the online store, the customer may contact customer care via e-mail using  [email protected] or filling out and sending the contact us form on website.

(5)     The range of goods in the online store is aimed only at customers of legal age in all country’s. “customer” is defined by the law as any natural person acting for purposes which are wholly or mainly outside his trade, craft or business.

s2 The order Process

(1)     Before placing an order the customer can view and amend the details of the customer’s order at any time. This can be done by using the “Back” function  or editing the individual entry fields.

(2)     The online store merely constitutes an invitation to the customer to make an offer to enter into a purchase contract for the goods presented in the Online Store.

(3)      The customer may select items from the seller’s range of products and add them to a shopping bag by clicking on the “Add to Bag”  or “Add to cart button. By clicking on the “Order with an Obligation to Pay” button, the Customer confirms bindingly that he  wishes to purchase the products contained in the shopping bag.

(4)      The acceptance of the Customer’s order will take place when the seller emails the customer to confirm that the order has been accepted and dispatched (“order and dispatch confirmation email”), at which point a contract will come into existence between the Customer and the Seller.

(5)      If several items are included in the order, a contract is only created for the items expressly referenced in the order and dispatch email.

(6)     If the Seller is unable to accept the Customers order for any reason (including any of the reasons described in this 2(6) or 2(7) below), the Seller will notify the Customer of this in the order and dispatch email. The gross value of an order via the online store  including value added tax, but excluding and delivery or other sur charges) (the “order value”) may not exceed £4,000 and may not be less than £20. In case the order value is higher than the maximum or lower than the minimum order value this will be communicated to the customer and the customer will technically be prevented from completing the order. Please note that the figures relating to the order value may change from time to time, A maximum order quantity of 5 articles per style (meaning of the same colour and size) applies to each order.

(7)     The Seller is entitled to cancel a Customer’s order in the following circumstances:

(i)       the seller identifies an obvious and unmistakeable error in the price or description of the product.

(ii)     the Seller is unable to obtain authorization for the Customer’s payment and/or suspects illegal or fraudulent activity including where the quantity of goods is higher than the usual quantities for private households;

(iii)    the product is out of stock or otherwise unavailable; 0r

(iv)    the Customer has not met the eligibility to order criteria set out in these Terms and Conditions            

           In this event the Seller will notify the Customer by e-mail without delay and will require the Customer to return the goods in accordance with the returns policy (in the event that the goods have      already been delivered to the Customer). Once the goods have been returned, the seller will refund the payment in full (or in part if part of the order was accepted), in accordance with the refund policy. 

(8)    The contract is concluded in English. In compliance with data protection law, the Seller will store a copy of the contract (consisting of the order and the General Terms and Conditions). 


s3 Delivery, Delivery Times, Availability

(1)     Unless agreed otherwise, the goods will be delivered to the Customer at the delivery address provided.

(2)     The Seller will notify the Customer of the delivery time during the order process unless otherwise stated, delivery is generally 2 to 4 business days for standard delivery in U.K, outside U.K delivery times are subject to change . Further information on delivery and the carriers used can be found on the online stores information page.

(3)     Once the goods have been handed to a carrier, the Seller will send the Customer an e-mail with a notification of dispatch and all of  the necessary information regarding shipping statues and, where  available, a link to the shipment tracking of the transport service provider.

(4)     If for reasons beyond its control the Seller is unable to meet a fixed delivery date, it will inform the customer without delay and specify a new delivery date. If the new delivery date is unacceptable to  the customer, he/she will be entitled to cancel the order in respect of the goods concerned; in this case, the Seller will reimburse the customer in accordance with the refunds Policy and these General Terms and conditions.



(1)     All of the prices listed in the Seller’s online store include the applicable statutory value-added tax in the U.K. Additional taxes and duties will apply to all other country’s.


s5 Payment

(1)     Payment must be made by the Customer using one of the methods of payment indicated during the order process.

(2)     If no further methods of payment are offered during the order process the Seller accepts credit card payment and PayPal.

(3)     To protect itself against the risk of payment default by the Customer, the Seller reserves the right to exclude certain methods of payment in an individual case.

(4)     The Customer agrees to the receipt of the electronic invoices in the form of a pdf file attached to an e-mail.

s6 Retention of Title

(1)     Goods delivered as part of an order are the property of the Customer once Seller has received full payment.